2017 Regina Home Builder Awards Celebration a Memorable Night for Deveraux

Let’s take a few minutes to give you an update on how 2018 has started for our group. It has been quite hectic. Typically you wouldn’t hear a developer in the prairies talk about January and February being a busy time of year, but that seems to of changed recently. One of the reasons is that the Regina and Region Home Builders Association hosts it’s annual Master Awards Gala in late January. Each year the association uses these awards as an opportunity to promote “building new” in our region by showcasing the prior years best in a number of different sizes/categories so that as a whole, our industry can keep the general public aware of the amazing work being done right here at home. The evening hosts over 500 guests at the Delta Hotel and features not just industry VIP’s but also other members of the business community. It is a great evening hosted and organized by the RRHBA staff.

The real work for these awards happens a few months prior when members of the RRHBA work tirelessly to put their best foot forward with photos, write ups and even letters of reference from their partners to help give each company the best chance at bragging rights come January. Deveraux submitted over 20 award nominations for this years awards. This was a record high amount for our company, but we felt we had so many projects we were proud of that we wanted to enter them all. And this brings me to WHY do we do it?

Why does Deveraux spend money on professional photos, hours and hours of writing submissions and then the time and money to attend the awards? The answer is really quite simple. You the client. Clients of the past and clients of the future. We do the work so that our clients have additional confidence in their decision to choose Deveraux for one of (if not the biggest) purchase of their lives. We want them to know that we take pride in our brand and reputation and believe that not only will our attention to detail and work ethic be shown in the award submissions but also in the way we build homes, provide service and communicate with each client before, during and after the build is complete.

It is always a lot of fun to go back into the homes we built and have our photographer shoot our clients homes for the submissions. The pride they feel as the home owner is evident as they smile and see their “dream home” photographed. All of the hours of planning and selecting finishes are on full display and so worth it.

What was interesting about this year is that we knew most of our submissions would actually be “battling it out” in the same category as we do focus on high end customized homes. Deveraux submit four homes in the custom home category over 2200 square feet. As an industry there was 13 total submissions for this prestigious category. Each award has three finalists and then the winner is selected based on a points system and in case of a tie there are two winners. Deveraux was blown away to be recognized as all three finalists and actually have a tie for the winner taking home two first place finishes in the Custom Home over 2200 Square Feet category. This had never been done before in the RRHBA Master Award history.

The following day it was quite a rush for our home owners to learn of our nominations and wins, especially for the home owners who had their home selected as award winners.

I wanted to share with you a couple of our thoughts on how this years awards went down and why we do this each and every year. Congrats to all of the finalists and fellow winners, it was a great night to show off a full years worth of hard work for our home building industry. Below is a list of Deveraux Homes award wins and finalist nominations along with two of our staff being recognized personally. We also included a few photos from the evening to enjoy as well.

Builder Awards

Double Winner AND all three nominations-Best custom home over 2200 square feet- Greens on Gardiner Custom Homes

Winner-Model Home 1400-1899 square feet- 4828 Primrose Green Drive

Winner-Multi Family Home under 899 square feet-Residences of Grasslands

Winner-Multi Family Home over 900 square feet-Residences of Grasslands

Winner-Production Home under 1399 square feet- James Hill Road Project

Finalist- RRHBA Home Builder of the Year

Finalist-Custom Home 1500-2199 square feet- Greens on Gardiner Custom Home

Finalist-Community Service Award-North Central Family Centre/Mother Theresa Middle School

Finalist-Landscaping Award- Greens on Gardiner Custom Home

Finalist-Interior Decorating Award-4828 Primrose Green Drive Show Home

Finalist-Environment Leadership in Housing 20+ Homes

Finalist-New Home Design-Robinson Residential-Deveraux Custom Home


Individual Awards

Builder of Distinction-Jamie McDougald -Helping with the scoring system used by the RRHBA for the Master Awards

Sales Volume-Platinum -Dustin Halvorson