Deveraux takes great pride in owning a portion of the assets it manages and invests capital in each fund and development project. Management strives to ensure that its’ interests are aligned with that of the investors. Financial interest in each project demonstrates Deveraux’s commitment to developing and holding quality assets.

Deveraux Asset Management is focused on sourcing opportunities through its broad network of relationships and strategic alliances with real estate developers, private equity firms, and financial intermediaries.

What Sets Us Apart

There are a variety of features that set Deveraux Asset Management apart. These include:

  • Class A Assets Deveraux focuses on sourcing, developing and constructing new multi-family communities to enhance its’ best in class portfolio 
  • Independent BoardDeveraux is a private equity manager that seeks guidance and insight from industry leaders
  • Internalized Property ManagementDeveraux Apartment Communities has internalized property management, thus eliminating management fees and further ensuring the control of quality, responsiveness and cost effectiveness
  • Strategic PartnershipsDeveraux strives to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with key developers and REITs that are aligned in vision
  • Professional TeamDeveraux employees a full complement of Chartered Accountants and other investment professionals
  • Vertical IntegrationDeveraux leverages the relationships within The Deveraux Group of Companies, from construction professionals to property management experts, ensuring assets are well constructed and operated 

Committed to demonstrate unwavering ethical principles

Building trust by being open and accountable.

Demonstrating a high standard of competency, demeanor and communication.