Light Industrial

Light Industrial Structures in a Growing Market

light-industrialDeveraux recognizes the need for light industrial space in Saskatchewan and across western Canada. With the economic boom, more clients are requiring shop space, warehouse storage and integrated office areas. Having experienced growth similar to many of our counterparts and clients, Deveraux understands the needs of those desiring new light industrial structures in a growing market.

Deveraux’s construction and development experience, paired with our commitment to offering functional and diverse structures, enables us to build tailored spaces of all designs and sizes. Working with established suppliers and contractors, as well as our experienced Project Managers, we are confident we can meet the expectations of clients in terms of timeliness, budget, quality and functionality.

BONE Structure Steel Framed Construction

BONE Structure is a revolutionary approach to construction, offering precision built structures, strength and stability and timely construction. If you are looking for a new light industrial space please contact Dustin Halvorson, Director of Sales and Business Development (