Multi-Family Dwelling Construction Alleviates Housing Shortage

multi-familyDeveraux is recognized as one of the largest multi-family dwelling construction companies in western Canada. With over 1,300 units constructed in recent years and a further 700 currently under construction, we have the experience and management necessary to develop and construct any type of multi-family project.

We have remained a step ahead of our competition with innovative designs and methods, professional and personable interaction with clients, and an unwavering commitment to introduce top quality product in the multi-family market. Deveraux’s modular multi-family product line holds many advantages, from quality that exceeds industry standard to expeditious on site construction that limits construction site clutter and is more cost-effective to clients.

With historically low rental vacancy rates and high demand for secondary market multi-family housing in western Canada, Deveraux is meeting the needs of tenants and owners alike. The Deveraux team takes great pride in our efforts to alleviate the housing shortage and to provide the growing population with a place to call home.