Construction ServiceDeveraux’s construction and development experience, paired with its commitment to offering functional and diverse structures, has enabled the group to build tailored spaces of all designs and sizes. Working with established suppliers and contractors, Deveraux has a proven track record in meeting the expectations of clients in terms of timeliness, budget, quality and functionality.

With a wealth of building experience in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Deveraux operates as your partner and not just your provider. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and diverse sector experience and when you choose to work with us, you can trust that we will use our expertise to navigate you through the complexities of building in an urban centre, ensuring a seamless, stress-free construction journey every step of the way.

pre-construction-servicesDeveraux applies knowledge of construction services and current market conditions to make suggestions, evaluate alternatives, and offer advice to the project team. As a result of this early collaboration, Deveraux incorporates the required materials, systems, and elements into construction documents to efficiently and safely build the project without impacting the functional or aesthetic design. You will realize significant cost savings through accurate cost analysis, innovative and efficient construction plans, and enhanced schedule control.
Design-build-construction-servicesDeveraux has vast experience with design/build projects and we are confident in leading the process with an end to end construction solution. We work with an experienced and innovative design team to get the project off the ground, collaboratively establish clear client expectations and then deliver on these expectations throughout the build. With proactive and informed planning processes, we keep projects on track and on budget.

Deveraux has the skill and experience to ensure that there are no surprises throughout the build process, providing clients with open, honest and ongoing communication. We are confident that we can deliver effective services and managed budgets, without compromising design intent or quality. Let us be your single source for the construction of your next project and we are certain that a relationship built upon trust, integrity and mutual respect will be established.

Design-build-construction-servicesDeveraux can help to alleviate the pressures and demands of commercial construction by offering clients a wide range of management services. Let our experienced team handle budgeting, scheduling, risk mitigation and other logistics. Our collaborative approach to construction management is geared to support owners who need assistance in overseeing their projects.

Deveraux takes pride in our proven systems and processes, our established relationships within the industry, and the team we have in place to deliver on projects of varying complexity and challenge. Our management services are supported by industry leading project management software which enables efficient tracking and communication throughout multiple and varied projects. With our management services in place, clients can be assured of an on time, on budget and stress-free process.

Design-build-construction-servicesDeveraux has a competitive advantage in the market with stipulated price construction contracts. We have an experienced Executive and Senior Management team, as well as in house Quantity Surveyor that can ensure cost certainty, through their established and mutually supportive relationship with local sub-contractors and suppliers.
In stipulated price service, we recognize the involvement and control of the client and are keen to work with all customers after the tender is awarded. Our team has experience delivering competitive pricing, while not compromising design integrity. Our efficiency, project management, organization and accurate up-front pricing enable us to complete projects on time and with many integrated value-based services that exceed client expectations at no extra cost.
Among our values of teamwork, integrity and innovation, Deveraux has a steadfast and unwavering commitment to the safety and health of all our clients, employees, contractors and the general public.