Construction Service

Deveraux’s construction and development experience, paired with its commitment to offering functional and diverse structures, has enabled the group to build tailored spaces of all designs and sizes. Working with established suppliers and contractors, Deveraux has a proven track record in meeting the expectations of clients in terms of timeliness, budget, quality and functionality.

With a wealth of building experience in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Deveraux operates as your partner and not just your provider. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and diverse sector experience and when you choose to work with us, you can trust that we will use our expertise to navigate you through the complexities of building in an urban centre, ensuring a seamless, stress-free construction journey every step of the way.

Among our values of teamwork, integrity and innovation, Deveraux has a steadfast and unwavering commitment to the safety and health of all our clients, employees, contractors and the general public.