Purchasing a new home is a major life event. Ensuring that clients are comfortable with their decision, we consult and support clients through the financing process. We work with preferred mortgage providers and will assist you in securing your mortgage by communicating with them as needed.

Deciding upon the mortgage that is right for a client and the monthly payment that they are comfortable with is important. Our sales consultants and preferred mortgage specialists can help each customer with this process. Once an appropriate budget is established, clients will need to complete a loan application and supply supporting documentation. These finance professionals will once again be there to help home owners stay organized and ensure that they have all required documents.

Once a mortgage is approved, clients will gain a better sense of the affordability of certain design features. If the price of the home is within the approved mortgage amount, our sales consultants will move to close the process. If however the home price turns out to be more than that of the approved mortgage value, clients may be able to work with the mortgage specialist to adjust the mortgage for a new amount.