The mechanical features of the home are installed after lock up. Specifically, the plumbing, electrical, ventilation and heating/cooling systems are worked on by the respective trades people and coordinated by our Project Manager. These utilities are important features and clients can be assured that they will be consulted on the specifics of the installation during the planning and design process.

The electrical plan for the home is represented in the main schematic drawings. The position of certain features like wall sockets, lights and light switches, and AV source points will be placed by the draftsman after consult with the client and sales consultant. To ensure that all of these electrical features are properly positioned in the home, our Deveraux sales consultant will arrange for an ‘Electrical Walkthrough’ with the Project Manager and Electrician. Any changes to the electrical plan can be discussed and decided upon at this time.

Before the basement floor concrete is poured, the rough in plumbing is installed. At this time, the main water and sewer pipes are also run to connect with the municipal lines. As the interior walls of the home are framed, plumbing lines are run throughout the home and capped. It will not be until later in the building process when fixtures like faucets and toilets are installed.

In concert with the electrical and plumbing installation, the sub trades will install the furnace, air conditioner (if applicable) and ventilation system throughout the home. Dependent upon the time of year at which the home is built, we may turn on the heat to ensure that certain finishing work can continue on the interior of the home.