Once the terms of the new home purchase are reached, our Deveraux team gets busy planning the various phases of construction. The first steps are to prepare the site, lay the foundation, and begin construction the main structure or shell of the home. Theses processes are overseen by a professional Project Manager assigned to each build.

In consult with an engineer and survey team we prepare the lot for the build. It is graded to suit the style of home, the property lines are marked and the basement is dug. Our team supervises this process to ensure the home is properly positioned on the lot and that the grade is appropriate.

We know that a quality foundation is critical to the integrity and longevity of a home. With this in mind, we take extra care in ensuring the foundation is set properly. Using top quality trades people and premium product, the forms are set and the foundation is poured. Once the concrete has cured for the appropriate period, the form boards are removed and the exterior walls of the home can begin to go up.

On top of the foundation our team builds a sub floor that forms the floor for the main level of the home. On top of the sub floor go the exterior walls. As the structure takes shape, the walls go up and then the roof goes on. To reach what we refer to as ‘lock up’, the roof is shingled and the exterior doors and windows are installed. At this point, the home is secure and work begins on the interior of the home installing utilities like plumbing and electrical.