Why Buy Now? Why Buy New?


  • Low Interest Rates – rates remain low and there are a variety of financing options to support home buyers
  • Buyer’s Market – mortgage brokers are offering a variety of value-added incentives and options.
  • Build Wealth Through Ownership – with the booming economy home owners stand to benefit from steady growth in home equity.
  • Range of Choices – Regina is growing and constantly adding new developments.  Home buyers can take advantage of this growth and access some of the best locations in new areas.


  • Build Your Dream Home –you are able to design a home reflecting your style, needs and lifestyle.Deveraux - website photos-21
  • Choice of Neighbourhoods – you are able to select a home in a community of your choice.  One that meets with needs of your family – proximity to amenities, schools and recreational space.
  • Warranty – purchasing a new home carries with it a new homeowners warranty so that there are none of the issues or surprises often associated with purchasing a used home.
  • Competitive Pricing – with steady growth in Regina, homebuilders are offering competitive pricing and incentives to be your builder of choice.
  • Energy Efficiency – new homes are built to higher energy efficiency standards and thus offer cost savings to owners in way of lowered energy consumption.
  • Advanced Technology and Design – new homes offer a wide array of technology and design upgrades not possible in older homes.  These upgrades are convenient and many would be cost prohibitive to add to an existing home.
  • Low Maintenance Features – new homes are built to be less labour intensive in terms of upkeep.  From interior finishes to landscaping, homes are built with people’s busy lifestyles in mind.