Modular Construction

Deveraux … The Largest Modular Builder in Saskatchewan

modular-constructionDeveraux’s ongoing pursuit to find and deliver innovative design and quality product lead us to become Saskatchewan’s largest modular builder.  Recognizing the need for multi-family housing construction to meet historically low vacancy demands, Deveraux sought out solutions to address the housing crunch and the rest is now history.

In the last 3 years, Deveraux has established solid relationships with modular suppliers across North America and has now built over 700 apartment and condo units in the Regina market alone.  We are extremely proud of the quality and efficiency of our construction, but equally as pleased that we have single handily turned the tide of the vacancy crunch in a municipal market and provided families with a place to call home.

Deveraux’s Project Managers have become leaders in large scale modular construction and have developed a skill set that is unparalleled amongst our competitors.  Our Project Managers oversee all aspects of a multi-family modular build, from design and engineering to interior finishing and landscaping.  If you are an owner looking to develop a multi-family project, or a developer looking for diversity in a master planned community, you need to look no further than the Deveraux modular team … true leaders in this innovative approach to construction.

Benefits of Modular Multi-Family Construction

  • Innovative Technology, Quality Results: Our suppliers are on the forefront of modern technology for high-density, multi-story modular construction projects – allowing us to complete projects without compromising on cost, speed or quality
  • Substantial Savings: Both on-site and off-site work can take place at the same time, resulting in substantial savings in total construction time and costs
  • Reduction in Construction Impacts: Shorter on-site construction time means less area disruption, waste, traffic, noise pollution and weather concerns
  • Superior Construction: Our supplier’s factory setting allows them to control vital elements that lead to more precise building methods with the high quality materials
  • Limited Weather Concerns: Modular construction takes place in a monitored setting, limiting exposure to rain, snow, wind dust and UV rays, greatly reducing risk of mold or dust contamination
  • Safer Construction Environment: Workforce utilizes safe, permanent scaffolding and safety equipment while being protected from harsh weather conditions
  • On-staff, Seasoned Workers: Our supplier’s workers are employed year-round, on-staff, taking pride in each project
  • Tighter Building Envelope: Standard assembly practices mean a tighter, more energy-efficient construction for the prefabricated building. Foam gaskets at mate-lines and between floor and ceiling assemblies provide for acoustical separation and reduced air filtration
  • Enhanced Code Inspection and Observation Process: Our suppliers follow all building codes for structures within the specific state of the project and plans are approved by licensed and registered engineers
  • Heightened Quality Assurance and Accountability: Each modular project is inspected by an appropriate state building inspector after going through a rigorous QA and inspection process at each phase of construction
  • Stronger, More Durable Construction: Modules are “built like a tank” to withstand the transportation and crane process
  • Indoor Air Quality: Our suppliers do not use urea formaldehyde plywood or insulation and also use low VOC paints, primers, glues and adhesives
  • Quiet Construction: Separate floor and ceiling assemblies as well as double-wall construction between units provides high STC performance
  • Sustainable, Green Construction and Process: The use of highly efficient products and materials, paired with our supplier’s in-factory recycling and waste elimination programs lead to a more environmentally friendly modular building process