Deveraux Asset Management manages a variety of real estate assets and funds under the Auctus Family of Investments. Since 2010, Deveraux has successfully raised capital to build, own and operate Class A multi-family apartment communities across Western Canada and currently has a robust pipeline of new developments in design and in various stages of construction, each with its own Limited Partnership.

These Development Limited Partnerships are open for investment and provide partners seeking to invest in construction and development an opportunity to do so. Upon completion of each property and upon achieving sustained occupancy surpassing 95%, each development fund is then typically sold to Auctus' parent fund, Auctus Property Fund Limited Partnership. To date, Auctus Property Fund LP has acquired 15 new developments and has access to over 10 more in the development pipeline.

Deveraux Asset Management is guided by an independent Board of Directors in its largest fund, Auctus Property Fund, and by a Development Board that provides industry insight into each new development opportunity. Strategically, the respective Boards consist of individuals from across Canada with experience as leaders in national Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), construction, asset management and governance.

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