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Deveraux Continues Indigenous Consultation with Informal Blessing Ceremony

This week, the Deveraux team was joined by our Indigenous Consultation team, City of Calgary staff and Ward 6 Councillor Richard Pootmans for an informal blessing ceremony, conducted by Blackfoot Elder Camille Pablo Russell on the site of our project, The Icon at Medicine Hill.


Located at 1400 Na’a Drive SW, Calgary, Medicine Hill (or Aiss’ka’pooma in Blackfoot and Paskapoo/Paskapiw in Cree) has great historical significance to Indigenous communities, as it served as a buffalo hunting site and a space of reflection and vision quests for the young men of the various tribes and nations. This Indigenous blessing ceremony is of vital importance as the intent is to seek permission from Mother Earth to use the lands before embarking on construction.


Our team’s objective is to continue the ongoing Indigenous storytelling traditions, to seek permission before taking and always respect and pay homage to the lands and traditions we’re excited to share with the next generation who will reside on these lands.


When complete, The Icon at Medicine Hills will feature 340 luxury apartment units with a variety of suite configurations and lifestyle-enriching resident amenities.