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Deveraux Developments is now COR Certified

The Deveraux team is proud to now be recognized as COR Certified. 


COR Solutions is a Canadian-owned and operated safety compliance consulting firm. Their knowledgeable team of safety professionals has been ensuring the safety of thousands of Western Canadians for many years. 


COR believes a safe workplace doesn’t just happen by accident, and that’s why they make it their mission to supply employers with convenient and invaluable safety programs which ensure the health and well-being of employees. COR understands the importance of upholding and maintaining safety compliance standards in all industries, so they offer numerous comprehensive safety programs and services which cover the following:


  • COR Certification
  • SECOR Certification
  • Certification Programs
  • Online Safety Training
  • ISNetworld
  • ComplyWorks
  • Occupational Health & Safety Training
  • Safety Officer Training
  • Safety Consulting


Their experience as safety consultants has allowed COR to specialize in the safety requirements of a variety of industries and, over the years, learned the importance of staying abreast of new or modified safety requirements.


Deveraux continues to make it a top priority to ensure safety for all staff and clients and that each job site meets or exceeds safety standards that are set in place.


Congrats to the team for accomplishing this feat!


To learn more about COR visit